Mandalay Beach


Experience the exhilarating Southern Ocean from one of its most beautiful locations.


Named after the Norwegian barque Mandalay, wrecked there in 1911, Mandalaly Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Walpole area. Mandalay Beach is a great stop en route between Manjimup and Walpole. Worth a visit purely for the stunning beach scenery, the lucky visitor may be fortunate enough to glimpse the wreck of the Mandalay, which can still be seen poking out of the rough waters of the Southern Ocean when the tides are low. Mandalay is popular with anglers, but even if you do not fish, its worth the visit for the spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and of Chatham Island, which looms out of the water 3 kilometres offshore.

Mandalay beach takes its name from the Norwegian barque Mandalay wrecked there in 1911.

On-site interpretation and extracts from the Captains Log tell you more about the wreck of the Mandalay.