Peaceful Bay is a picturesque coastal holiday destination just 33 km. east of Walpole. It is part of what was once a large coastal grazing lease used by landowners from the Warren and Cranbrook areas as summer grazing for their cattle.

In the early days of group settlement the idyllic spot was a favourite picnic destination of the settlers who travelled by horse and cart and gathered for a day’s outing as a break from farm chores.For many years a few fishermen’s shacks were the only signs of habitation, bur in the late 1950s fifty leasehold lots were released. These proved so popular that over the years more lots were made available and there are now more that 250 holiday homes.

In the intervening years, power and a bitumen road took the place of Tilley lamps and gravel.

Such is the beauty of the little holiday sanctuary that a number of people have taken up permanent residence. Available blocks in the freehold area have been quickly taken up.The bay itself is ideal for swimming, fishing, boating and diving, whilst the long areas of beach are great for walkers. Wildflowers and birds are abundant in the bushwalking areas of Peaceful Bay, which is the original habitat of the Ficefolia (red flowering gum).

For those with a 4WD, back tracks provide access to a coastline of wild and rugged beauty within Walpole Nornalup National Park.

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