Valley of the Giants Honey

​Our bees source their honey from our family farm, located in the pristine Valley of the Giants, Western Australia. The farm adjoins the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, a unique part of the world which is home to the famous Tree Top Walk.

​Our honey is multi floral as our bees freely forage pollen and nectar from the surrounding ancient Tingle forest. This includes rare native trees such as Yellow Tingle, Red Tingle, Marri, Karri, Melaleuca, Swamp Mahogany, Black Butt and various other species depending on the time of year.

​Our honey is available 24/7 at our roadside stall on the Valley of the Giants Road.  Other orders can be placed by contacting us which we will endeavor to accommodate.

We also produce a variety of jams, pickles, sauces and seasonal fruit and vegetables which are available at our stall.  We stock additive-free honey and goat milk soap, as well as lip, hand and heel balms by Mel & Viv’s Creations, made with our own beeswax.

933 Valley of the Giants Road, Tingledale 6333