There are many opportunities in this region to go off-road. Most of the tracks lead to the coast and have stretches of deep sand. Some of the more popular tracks:

Blue Holes Track – leads to Bellanger Beach and is popular with fishermen.The track is 4km long from Station Rd. and there is also opportunity to drive along the beach.

Long Point Track – this track can be found starting from the Mandalay Beach Rd. just off the S.W. highway at Crystal Springs (12km west of Walpole). This track winds its way to the coast for 9km. through different types of coastal vegetation.

Mandalay Beach Rd – There are tracks to Banksia Camp, Bottleneck Bay, Cliffy Head and Fishermens Track to Broke Inlet (closed June to December) located off Mandalay Beach Rd. A compressor is located at the Ranger Station on Mandalay Beach Rd.

From Peaceful Bay there are a range of tracks to the coastline and along the beach. These include The Gap, Rame Head and Kingi Rock. There is also an opportunity to drive along the beach to the mouth of the Irwin Inlet. A compressor is located at Peaceful Bay Caravan Park.

Like other outdoor recreationists, 4WD owners and drivers who access public lands have a responsibility or “duty of care” to help protect Western Australia”s flora, fauna and natural landscapes so that future generations of users will be able to enjoy what we now take for granted.