Mt Romance Aust Pty Ltd (Sandalwood Factory)

2 Down Road Albany WA, 6330, Australia


Hours: Open 7 days 9am til 5pm

Take a journey through Mount Romance to discover why we've been the leading producer of Australian Sandalwood oil and Sandalwood beauty products for over 10 years.

Open: 7 days – 9am to 5pm (closed Christmas day).
Location: Cnr Albany Highway and Down Road – 15kms north of Albany
Tel: (08) 9845 6888 / 9845 6817


Embark on a journey that takes you from the wild red WA outback through to the perfume houses of Paris and India's bustling bazaars. Join one of our daily information tours to learn about the many uses of Sandalwood and see how this fragrant wood is processed at Mount Romance for use around the world.

Visitors can enjoy light lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea, all of which are available at the Sandalwood Cafe, including locally roasted coffee, teas, cool drinks, cakes and slices.

Something we do very well at Mount Romance.
The Cone, Gong and Bowl - A unique relaxation experience developed right here at Mount Romance.
This is a break that will refresh, recharge and replenish like no other.
The sounds of the Gong have been used through the ages in the ancient East.
Combine this with the effects of Sandalwood oil, prized since Biblical times for the beauty and healing power of its scent, and the soothing space of the ‘Cone’ to enjoy a 1-hour destination experience that you truly get to take home with you - the benefits will linger long after the visit ends.
Bookings essential – 9845 6817.

Sessions 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm Sessions subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm times, rates and availability.
Browse our magnificent showroom and select from skin care products produced on site.
Sandalwood is not only recognized for its relaxation properties but also for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. So it makes sense that we would develop our own range of sandalwood beauty & skin care products featuring this amazing oil – including fragrances, toiletries, moisturisers and personal care products.
Our products available locally at The Good Olive: 97 Bussell Highway; Margaret River WA 6285

To learn more about Mount Romance visit today.