Pentland Alpaca Stud

McLeod Rd. Denmark


Hours: Daily 10am - 4pm

Our farm is designed to be hands-on. we invite you to walk amongst and feed our beautiful alpacas. You can also get close to our cute koalas, play with our ferrets, pat the camel, cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs, chat to the galahs and bottle-feed a joey.


Pentland Alpaca Stud & Animal Farm is a family owned and operated business that opened in 1990. Marg & Laurie Binks and Stephen & Debbie Maddams welcome you to pat, feed and get close to a huge range of friendly and interesting animals.
Other animals include:
* horses
* donkey
* deer
* emus
* kangaroos
* sheep
* Scottish Highland cattle
* North American Bison

The koalas are fed at 10am daily and bottle feeding of the farm babies is at 3pm daily.
Craft shop and cafe also available.
Closed Christmas eve and day

We brought the first alpacas to Western Australia and currently run about 60 head. Visitors can walk amongst and feed the alpacas and enjoy their quiet serene nature (bags of animal food are provided on entry). Alpacas breed all year round, so there are nearly always young babies (a baby alpaca is called a "cria").

All shearing is done on farm (by Stephen) and the raw fleeces are available to purchase in our shop. We are also very involved in the alpaca shows - look out for the "Pentland" name at the Perth Royal and Albany Agricultural Shows. We also have alpacas for sale and top males standing as stud. In 1999 we added koalas to our menagerie. Henry, Ned and Banjo are enjoying the mild Denmark climate and the 3000 trees we planted just for them! Visitors are welcome to pat our koalas (bring your camera) and 10am feed time is the best time to catch them awake.

Each year we hand-rear 1 or 2 orphaned Western Grey kangaroos that are brought to us and these get bottle fed at 3pm along with our farm babies (usually calves, lambs, goats, piglets). The bottle-fed joeys are always very quiet and enjoy cuddles (and photos). Depending on their age, they are either tucked up in a blanket in our shop or roaming freely around the farm. The adult kangaroos on the farm are the "grown-up" orphans that are all friendly and can be hand-fed.

We have a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle and have about four calves born each year. These are included in our 3pm bottle feeding and are usually in our walk-in paddock with the goats and sheep. They are people friendly and fluffy and are available for sale when weaned. "Tyson" our North American Bison arrived here in 1995 from a commercial Bison farm in Victoria (where they are bred for their meat and hide). He is a handsome and impressive beast that appears as interested in the visitors as they are in him.