Bocchetta Ringtail Possum – Cody


The stuffing for Cody was made using 5 recycled plastic bottles. Cody is our ringtail possum and is a friendly and realistic super cuddly soft toy airbrushed and handcrafted with amazing attention to detail. The Ringtail Possum is native to Australia.  Its name in Latin means “furry-tailed little fox”.  It is a marsupial meaning that the babies are carried in a tummy pouch.  They use their tails to help them climb eucalyptus treas.  They eat leaves, flowers, fruits, and sap.

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Cody measures 24cm/9.4″ in length not including the tail or 28cm/11″ including the tail, 11cm/4.25″ in width and 12cm/4.75″ in height.


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