Bocchetta Dotti Quoll


The stuffing for Dotti was made using 16 recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste. Dotti is a large size Eastern quoll in fawn colour and is a realistic soft plush toy.  Premium quality handmade soft and cuddly toy. Quolls are native to Australia.  Sadly they are endangered which means that they are close to extinction.  They are marsupials which means that they carry their babies in a tummy pouch.  The babies are called pups. Quolls climb trees and eat insects, lizards and worms.  A pilot trial in 2018 released 20 into a National Park in NSW with full reintroduction set for 2019.

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Dotti measures 31cm/12″ in length excluding her tail or 42cm/16.5″ including the tail and 13cm/5″ in height.


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