Bocchetta Mini Grey Kangaroo


The stuffing for mini Grey Kangaroo was made using 2 recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste. This mini grey kangaroo is a small souvenir soft plush toy and an ideal size for children.  It can be converted to a keyring by attaching your own keychain to the loop. This grey kangaroo is known as the eastern grey kangaroo, great grey kangaroo and forester kangaroo.  The eastern grey kangaroo is the second largest and heaviest living marsupial and native land mammal in Australia. An adult male weighs around 50 to 66 kg whereas females are around 17 to 40 kg.

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This mini grey kangaroo measures 17cm/6.6″ in length including the tail, 8cm/3.1″ in width and 13cm/5.1″ in height to the tip of the ears.


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