PVC Frog Yellow/Black


The corroboree frog figurine is a hand painted plastic replica of this critically endangered species only found in alpine areas of the southern highlands of New South Wales. The Corroboree frog is a small, brightly coloured frogs that are native to the alpine regions of Australia, specifically the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. There are two species of Corroboree frogs: the southern corroboree frog (Pseudophryne corroboree) and the northern corroboree frog (Pseudophryne pengilleyi). Corroboree frogs are among the most critically endangered amphibian species in the world. They are threatened by a number of factors, including habitat loss, climate change, and the spread of a fungal disease called chytridiomycosis, which has devastated frog populations around the world.

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